Connectify Hotspot Pro 2023 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

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Connectify Hotspot 2023 Crack + License Key Free Download

Connectify Hotspot Crack a relatively lightweight application that allows you to transform your PC into a wifi hotspot and share the Internet with all your devices by creating a mobile access point to which other devices can connect. A perfect way to share your Internet connection with other devices while on the move.

Connectify Hotspot Crack 2023 has an easy to understand and intuitive user interface that simplifies the management of your connections on your network. Once installed, the configuration process can complete very quickly. The Application will ask you to choose the name of the access point, the password, the wifi device you want to use, the security mode, and if you want to enable Internet sharing.

Exploring Your Network

Connectify Hotspot Crack allows you to explore the devices that are in the connection of your network, so you have full control over your wireless network. The Application has some exciting features, such as the ability to explore shares from devices that your system recognizes as a pair.

Share your Internet easy and fast with Connectify Hotspot

Overall, Connectify Hotspot works well and has a solid list of features. The Application is easy to see, and the user interface is easy to handle, even novice users will be able to configure and use this Application with ease. The Max and Pro versions of the app provide more than essential functions, such as wifi repeater mode, bridge mode, and the ability to share 3G, 4G, and connected connections and can create a fast internet connection whenever necessary.

Connectify Hotspot 2021 Review

We have all been using USB Tethering or wifi connection points on our mobile phones to share mobile data with other devices. However, what you may think, you know, cellular phones are not the only devices that can do this. However, not everyone likes to use the command request for obvious reasons; It is not easy to use. That’s where Connectify Hotspot comes in (free and paid plans start at $ 34.98, you can get discounted price coupons on the website). Finally, a Windows application that allows users to create active zones on their computers. Not only Connectify can do many things to help you improve your experience on a wireless network.

Create Wifi Hotspot

Creating a wifi hotspot with Connectify Hotspot is easy. There are only a couple of options, and for a regular use case, you won’t have to change anything. Creating a wifi access point with Connectify involves only one thing (for the most part): click on the “Start access point” button.

Of course, if you wish, you can play with the options, which include things like

Internet to share: this is the name of the network interface that you want to share through the wifi access point. Usually, this will be the name of the wifi network to which your PC is connected.

Network access: There are two types of network access that you can configure, including “Routing” and “Connected.” Bridged networks make it appear that you are connected directly to the network source (your Router, usually). At the same time, “Routing” means that all devices connected to the access point will appear to be connected to the PC, and not to the PC router.

Access Point Name: The name of the wifi access point that will look on devices searching for wifi networks. Oh, a fantastic thing, Connectify Hotspot allows you to use emojis in the name of Hotspot, as I did in the screenshot below. Is awesome!

Password: the security key of the wifi access point to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to your network.

Once everything is up and running, you can click on “Start Hotspot” to start sharing your PC’s Internet via wifi.

Features OF Connectify Hotspot 2023

With Connectify Hotspot, it’s incredibly easy to create wifi hotspots on your Windows PC. However, if you have trouble understanding some of the options offered by the Application, you will be glad to know that there is a Tutorial within the app available in the help menu.

The Application has many functions and contains a large number of options to customize your interactive zone in your way.

Interface: decidedly functional

The launch of the Connectify Application for the first time in Windows 10 (the app is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1) made me realize that the Application does not look bad. Honestly, it’s not the best design, but it’s okay, and it shouldn’t cause any problem to anyone, because it’s a one-click solution to our problem.

However, that is not all that the Application is hiding. The “Start Hotspot” button is at the bottom, and on top of that are the various options that serve to show how customizable this Application is. Not in terms of UI, or thematic, but in the way you manage to share your network and everything else connected to it. Everything is labeled correctly, something I like in applications. This app shows that developers and designers not only assumed that everything would be evident to everyone.

Wifi Repeater

A feature of Connectify Hotspot that I loved (after the wifi connection points, obviously), is the ability to make your PC act as a wifi repeater, which allows you to increase the coverage area of ​​your network. While this is not a viable permanent solution; But for temporary uses, using your computer as a repeater can be very useful.


A feature that is common to each unique feature that Connectify Hotspot offers is the Firewall. You can control various aspects of how Connectify shares your network through an access point, Ethernet, or even as a repeater thanks to the Firewall options integrated within the Application. You can choose whether to allow users connecting to your access point to access the Internet, the local network and whether AdBlocker must be enabled or not.

Connectify Hotspot Pro 2023 Crack + Serial Key Free Download


  • Create a mobile hotspot in seconds.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • The Application supports the simultaneous connection of multiple devices.
  • The Application creates a secure connection with password protection.


  • The Application is not available for all mobile devices.
  • The Application lacks features for advanced users
  • The app has not hit an update recently.
  • Using the Application without a mobile data plan can be expensive.

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