Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 12.2.3 Crack + License KEY [Latest]

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Hotspot Shield Crack

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 10.11.1 Crack + License KEY [Latest]

Hotspot Shield, a free VPN Proxy, is a program that allows you to encrypt your connection to surf the Internet privately, anonymous, and secure way. Browsing the Internet can sometimes involve risks related to our anonymity and privacy. We can run them when we enter any website or only when we connect to a Wi-Fi network. One of the measures that can avoid them is to download and install a VPN application, and Hotspot Shield is one of them. AnchorFree, a company based in Silicon Valley, USA, is the developer of Hotspot Shield Crack, and the product has been present since 2009.

Hotspot Shield 12.2.3 VPN Elite Crack With License Key

Hotspot Shield Crack is designed not only for individual users but also offers a business package, and Price Charging is according to the number of devices used. When VPNs began to appear, they were used primarily by companies and organizations that need a secure network for their employees working on remote computers. VPNs are in practice by all types of people. Such as travelers and other people who use non-secure wireless networks frequently, and who want to protect their information.

Residents of several countries who would like to move around without censorship or access content that is not accessible in their region, and those who value their privacy and do not want anyone to snoop around their online activities.

Secure your navigation

What is a VPN? It is a virtual private network (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to create a secure connection to another system by using dedicated links, encryption, or combining both methods.

At present, these applications and similar ones, such as Tor Browser (the browser that has its VPN function incorporated), are used to preserve the identity of the user on the network. However, It is handy to avoid restrictions on the use of specific services, such for example, the download of torrents, blocked by some Internet providers.

Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 10.11.1 Crack + License KEY [Latest]

The main advantages of Hotspot Shield Full Crack + License KEY

Anonymous and private browsing: it is capable of falsifying the IP location so that if anyone is trying to locate you, you will be sending a false address.

Access to blocked sites: there are contents on the Internet that, due to censorship, or because the service is not available in a specific territory to have restricted access. With an application like this, you can circumvent them.

Security in Wi-Fi connections: set the appropriate security conditions to navigate on public Wi-Fi networks and that your data is not exposed.

It is a handy measure to maintain your privacy online.

It has been one of the solutions that many Internet users used to access Netflix, although the streaming movie and series provider block this type of access.


For the individual user. The Elite version has a very competitive price, and in general, the product – both the free and paid version – has a good reputation, although there are some drawbacks that we will discuss in more detail later in this review.

One of the advantages of Hotspot Shield is the fact that five devices can be connected at the same time, making it a desirable option for many users – especially for the price. Another advantage is the ease of installation and use. Hotspot Shield can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes by anyone – no technical knowledge is required to install and use the product.

How is Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy used?

The simplicity when using this program cannot be higher: activate the protection button on its main interface so that the program encrypts the connection. It offers the user the option to mark the location of the link, so he can simulate that he navigates from different countries.

This secure and privacy navigation tool is with a price in its Elite version, but we can use the trial version for seven days.

In addition to this version for Windows PC, it is also possible to download Hotspot Shield for Mac, iPhone, and Android in its corresponding APK format.


Many users are being introduced to the advantages of using a VPN. The fact that more than 200 million people have downloaded the product that we will review in this article – Hotspot Shield is a testament to this fact. And Hotspot Shield is just one of many VPN services that exist, so you can get an idea of ​​how popular VPNs have become in recent years.

As always, we only talk about products that we have tried and trusted. We have awarded Hotspot Shield four out of five stars, but keep in mind that the recommendations are somewhat subjective.

Each product we have reviewed has its strengths and flaws – which one we choose to buy (or download for free, as in the case of both Hotspot Shield Crack and CyberGhost, which offer free as well as paid versions) should be the basis of their own needs


The cost is, of course, another factor and is difficult to overcome “free,” but as we will see later, in the real world, there is no such thing as free – everything has a price, as you probably already know. However, free VPNs like Hotspot Shield are the perfect choice for many people; it all depends on your taste and needs.

Hotspot Shield Crack also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in its Elite version. Above said is an influential sales argument, because most VPN services offer a trial period of only three days or a week. Of all the VPN services we have reviewed, only Hotspot Shield offers this length for the trial, which is ample time to thoroughly test the product before paying money earned with such effort.

The main drawback of free VPNs is that they usually contain advertising, which is the case with Hotspot Shield. If you decide to upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite, the ads will disappear. For many people, the hassle of advertising is enough to make them finally choose the paid version.

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