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WinRAR 6.11 Crack + Keygen {x32/x64}

WINRAR Overview :

WinRAR Crack is a data compression software and serves to save storage space, to take less time to send and receive files, and to make backup copies. If you are looking to decompress files of all kinds without complications and with the maximum power and speed possible, download WinRAR for free, and you will understand why no other software shades you. In any case, you decide: download WinRAR and try the program without any commitment!

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are applications whose main objective is to save storage space and improve data transmission time. This time we refer specifically to WinRAR, the leading solution in the market for compression and decompression of files. Most of the information that which generates daily is stored digitally. The production of the data does not stop its growth; for this reason, it is essential to have a generous storage capacity to be able to protect it. Additionally, it does not only data growth influence but also the response time to send or receive content through the Internet.

WinRAR 6.0 Final Crack (Latest Version) Download

Functions Of Winrar Crack Full Version For Windows 32/64 Bit Latest

These are the main functions it has:

  • Compression and decompression of files in ZIP and RAR format.
  • Compatibility with different compression formats such as AB, TAR, ARJ, JAR, ISO, and BZ2, among others.
  • Support for security attributes and data flows in NTFS files.
  • Winrar promises the protection of compressed files with 256-bit AES encrypted password and digital signature.
  • The Handling of large files.
  • Option to create self-extracting and multivolume files to split large files.
  • Function to check the integrity of the files.
  • Antivirus scanning.

One of the characteristics that define WinRAR is its simple operation since, by using contextual menus, it is possible to decompress and compress any file without having to go to the main interface of the program. However, this is always useable when necessary. It is a paid product, although it is useable for free for 40 days. Once this trial period is over, each time the application runs, a message is displayed, reminding you that the license has to be purchased, although it can still be of use privately. If you opt for the purchase, it can be used forever without the need to renew any subscription.

What is WinRAR, and how to use it?

It is a handy application that allows you to create, manage, and control directories. It is the most used solution for the decompression and compression of information, helping to reduce the size and improve the response time in sending the content, or creating a backup. It is compatible with any document or application and has a RAR and UnRAR file decompressor for multiple platforms.

What is a RAR file, and what are the features of this tool?

It is a file that contains other directories inside; in a collection of documents or programs that have been reduced in size and packaged in a single folder. Next, we will mention some of the most exciting features that it has:

  • Multiplatform, compatible with any documents
  • Ability to create multivolume files (Split)
  • It allows recovering physically damaged folios
  • Protect folios with password
  • Immediately, we detail the step by step of how to compress and decompress documents in WinRAR.

File Compression

It consists of reducing the original volume of the file after the execution of compression. It is not possible to modify it unless the decompression process is complete.

Step 1.- Locate and select on the computer the file or folder you wish to package. To exemplify, we choose the folder called “Important,” located in the “Documents” directory of the computer.

Step 2.- To begin the process, click the right mouse button on the “Important” folder. Select “Add to file …” as you can see in the following image.

Step 3.- Next, the parameter interface is available, choose the file type. In this case, it will maintain the RAR formate; you can also set the password. If you do not want to place security, click on “Accept,” as you can see in the image shown below.

Step 4.- Ready, you already have the compressed directory in the location where you performed the procedure.

File Decompression

To execute the decompression procedure, follow the next instructions, which are detailed.

Step 1.- The process is quite simple. You have to click with the right mouse button, on the RAR folio that you want to extract, for this, click on “Extract files.”

Step 2.- Subsequently, the extraction options interface is displayed. At this point, you can choose the destination folder. It will use the storage in the same directory. Click on “Accept,” as you can see in the following figure

Step 3.- Finally, observe the extraction of the corresponding file in the following illustration.

The file compressor is handy. Thanks to them, you can transfer and send a large volume of information over the Internet. The emails have a limit to attach files; for this reason, WinRAR is an excellent option.


One of the best file compressors and decompressors that exists is Winrar for Windows. In addition to serving to open RAR files that contain folders and compressed files. WinRAR is also compatible with other usual formats such as ZIP, 7Z, ACE, GZ, JAR, or even capable of opening ISO disk images.

But WinRAR Crack not only stands out for its versatility but also for its exceptional compression rate and speed of execution. And it is that few file compressors can carry out any task without just disheveled and no matter how powerful the PC on which it runs.

For something, it has become the standard for working with .rar files, one of the most common when downloading music, books, series, or subtitles in P2P programs. Compared to the recently prevailing .zip files, the .rar is much lighter and more reliable, since they prevent anything from being lost during the compression and decompression process.

For its part, if you want to create compressed files and protect them with a password, WinRAR Crack also has this feature, even from the Windows context menu itself (since it integrates seamlessly with any version of the Microsoft operating system).

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