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XLStat Crack Full Version + License Key Download

XLSTAT Crack 22.5.1058 Full incl Licence Key Free Download

XLSTAT Crack is the leading data analysis and a complete statistics solution for your Microsoft excel. XLSTAT is a very robust yet soft data study add-in excellent for Excel that allows a worker to examine, customize, and share every kind of result in Microsoft Excel with ease. Thanks to its more than 220 standard statistical and advanced statistical functions, XLSTAT is the best chosen analytical study tool in 80% of firms and universities around the globe. A large and small, and for more than 100,000 workers in more than 99 countries worldwide.

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Download XLSTAT For Windows 10 Review

XLSTAT is a leader in statistical analysis software. Since 1993 XLSTAT has worked tirelessly to give you and 100,000 other users in more than 100 countries with powerful, able yet user-friendly and affordable software able to meet all your statistical needs. With more than 220 standard and advanced analytical tools. Fit with both PC and Mac.

XLSTAT Crack works as a well-united plugin in MS Excel, allowing you to analyze and reformat your data within Excel quickly. XLSTAT uses pioneering computational techniques, allowing you viable results at unbeatable speeds – parallel computing will enable you to take full use of all of your PC’s processors. XLSTAT offers a wide variety of industry-specific solutions and field study meant for every one of you. Thus, make way for a statistical software that will change the way you work.

XLSTAT Download Free with License Key

XLSTAT is easy to use. Many use XLSTAT a lot in their classes to teach inferential statistics. Teachers have been using XLSTAT for many years in various areas, from economics to social studies, education, test psychology, marketing, etc. Their students can choose data sets efficiently carry out statistical styles with just a few clicks. There are three versions available for XLSTAT.

  • XLSTAT Basic


XLSTAT Basic is an initial solution at a competitive price, which covers more than 100 basic statistical tools that will allow you to obtain an in-depth insight into your data. Each of the more than 100 XLSTAT Basic uses is also open in the other XLSTAT solutions. You will profit from data building and visualization tools, parametric and non-parametric tests, modeling methods (ANOVA, regression, generalized linear models, non-linear models), points of data mining (principal part analysis, analysis of letters) and grouping methods (Agglomerated Hierarchical Clusters, K-means.

XLSTAT Basic +

XLSTAT Basic +, the main essential statistical functions you need. XLSTAT Basic + functions are also open in the other XLSTAT solutions. You will profit from data building and visualization tools, parametric and non-parametric tests, modeling methods (ANOVA, regression, generalized linear models, mixed models, non-linear models), characteristics typical of data mining (principal component analysis, correspondence analysis.


XLSTAT Premium is an upper-level but affordable statistical answer that holds all of the more than 200 XLSTAT analysis systems available today. In XLSTAT Premium, we have covered everything so that you will have access to any plan at any time. Prepare, fancy, explore, and analyze data, make choices, make predictions.

XLSTAT Crack 22.5.1058 Full incl Licence Key Free Download

Features Of XLSTAT Crack Software For PC

Here are some interesting features of XLSTAT software according to your needs.

Data modeling

  • Fitting a number
  • Linear regression
  • Welch and Brown-Forsythe one-way ANOVA
  • ANCOVA (analysis of covariance)
  • Multivariate Study of Change (MANOVA)
  • Models for binary reply variable (Logit, Probit)
  • Ordinal logit model
  • Cubic spline
  • Non-linear regression
  • Common Least Squares regression (OLS)

Data preparation

  • Data sampling
  • Sampling a distribution
  • The quantitative variable in classes (discretization)
  • Coding
  • Coding in ranges
  • Presence / absence coding
  • Missing data
  • Full disjunctive coding
  • Create odds tables
  • Variable change
  • Data control

Data visualization

  • Scatter plots
  • Histograms
  • Probability plots
  • 2D plots for cross tables
  • Parallel Coordinates
  • Ternary diagrams
  • Word cloud
  • Error bars
  • Differential semantic graphics
  • Display a function
  • Univariate plots
  • Plot management
  • Motion charts

Parametric tests

  • Proof of a balance
  • Comparison of two proportions
  • Comparison of k proportions
  • Multinomial virtue of fittest
  • T and z tests for a sample
  • T and z tests for two samples
  • Change test on a sample
  • Tests for comparing the changes of 2 samples
  • Tests to compare the variance of k samples
  • Multidimensional tests (Mahalanobis)
  • Equivalence test (TOST)

Tests for outliers

  • Grubbs test for outliers
  • Dixon test for outliers
  • Cochran Test C
  • Mandel h and k statistics


  • Export to GIF / JPG / PNG / TIFF
  • Manage data (DataFlagger, MinMaxSearch, Remove text values ​​in a selection)
  • Manage workbook (Sheets management, Delete hidden sheets, Show hidden sheets)
  • Manage the menu bars (Display the main bar, Hide the sub-bars)

Analysis of data

  • Principal Component Analysis (ACP)
  • Factorial analysis of mixed data (PCAmix)
  • Factorial Correspondence Analysis (AFC)
  • Multiple Correspondence Analysis (ACM)
  • Factorial analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Hierarchical Ascending Classification
  • K-means classification
  • Univariate partition

Data Description

  • Clear statistics (box plots and scattergrams included)
  • Histograms
  • Reason tests
  • Exigency table (crosstab)
  • Correlation Matrices and Similarities/dissimilarities
  • Multicollinearity statistics
  • Quantile
  • Resampled statistics
  • Biserial correlation
  • Variable characterization
  • Pivot table

Correlation / Association tests

  • Evidence on contingency tables
  • Correlation tests
  • Tablecloth Test
  • Cochran-Armitage Trends Test
  • Biserial correlation
  • RV coefficient

Non-parametric tests

  • One sample Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test
  • Non-parametric tests for the comparison of two free samples
  • Non-parametric tests for the comparison of two related samples
  • Non-parametric tests on k free samples: Kruskal-Wallis test
  • Non-parametric tests on k related samples: Friedman’s test
  • Page test
  • McNemar test
  • Cochran Q test
  • Durbin and Skillings-Mack tests
  • Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
  • One sample runs test
  • Mood test

Mathematical Tools

  • Probability Calculator
  • Matrix Operations

How to Download & Crack XLSTAT

  • Click the download button.
  • Extract the file.
  • Generate the License key.
  • Install the software.
  • All Is Done.

System Requirments

  • Versions : Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10
  • Excel : 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Processor: 32 or 64 bit
  • HDD: 150 Mb

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