Xender for PC Full Download (2023) Windows 7, 8, 10 32/64-bit

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Xender for PC Download (2023 Latest)

Xender for PC Full Download (2022) Windows 7, 8, 10 32/64-bit

Xender full ready to download application can transfer all the files you want like documents, music, images, video, and applications in an instant and few steps from IOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, and Mac. Xender allows us not only to connect two devices with the same operating system but between computers of different operating systems. Xender for PC latest for you.

On many occasions, we question our minds on how to transfer extensive data to any device from a PC or any other device, but unfortunately, on PC, Bluetooth is enabled. For those cases, today, I bring you a solution from the boys of Beijing AnqiZhilian Technology, who proudly introduced the Xender app at no cost with which we will not have face any issue of this type.

Easily share any file between your devices and your PCs

Xender is an easy and comfortable process to transfer any data from your PC to another Device or any other computer, quickly and efficiently. You can download xender for pc from the link provided.

Xender For Pc Free Download Review

The famous Xender use has just arrived on Windows Phone. This application is viral on other platforms, and its arrival on Windows mobile devices is good news. Xender allows transferring files between devices effortlessly and practically.

Share what you want

The Xender app can share the documents, images, music. And videos from your smartphone or tablet to another or a PC. It is ideal to have everything at hand without having to plug anything anywhere or do the classic nonsense of sending us an email. Xender files can be shared between 4 devices, making it ideal, for example, to share data with your family or friends.

How does this work, by Bluetooth?

Many file transfer apps force you to connect to Bluetooth. Xander is much simpler: the app creates a specific WiFi connection for the transfer, which does not spend data on your rate and transfers files at full speed. It seems magic, but it is not. It is merely the intelligent use of the technologies that we have nearby. Another plus point of Xender is that you can transfer files in any format and with no size limit, ideal for sharing long videos or entire discs!. Xender works on any platform, and while on iOS and Android, you must install the app, on Windows and Mac, you should not download anything: enter its website.

Fast and effective

Xender for PC is a very viable option to transfer files of any size between gadgets. It is not only useful, but it does not consume your data rate.

Transferring files has never been so easy

With Xender, you can transfer all kinds of images, videos, music, and documents without using any USB cable. The transfer is so simple that we have to start the application on the devices (transmitter and receiver), connect them between them, select the file, and start the transfer.

According to the reports published in the store description, the application supports connections of up to 4 devices, and you can transfer from a mobile phone to a PC / Mac through the application’s “PC Connect” mode. However, it appears that this feature is currently not available for Windows Phone.

Xender for PC Full Download (2022) Windows 7, 8, 10 32/64-bit

Xender Download For Windows 10 Functions

1.-Download the app

The app is available in the App Store, in the Play Store, and also in the Windows Phone store.

2.- When opening the app, we will be able to see our photos. At the bottom, we will see a menu where we can change and view the files we want to send. At the top, you can see a button with the legend connect, click on it and a window will pop up where we will select the mobile device or devices with whom we want to share information.

3.- Select the files you want to send and press the “send” button; they will instantly receive your data with incredible speed. This procedure is the way to connect one mobile with another, but I have not told you about being able to make transfers between mobile and PC / Mac.

To do this, you have to do the following:

  • Instead of going to the connect button, with a swipe to the right a menu of configurations and settings displayed, in it we will see the option Connect to PC, click on it, and it will give us a sale with two options:
  • We can use the IP address they provide us or use the camera to scan the QR code
  • We select the files we want to send, and voila, you will have them on the desktop of your computer.
  • Xender on iPhone
  • Xender Web

So far the revised Xender app, I hope it is useful and makes your daily life easier

Characteristics Of Xender For PC Free

  • No cables, no internet, no mobile data charges!
  • Transfer everything! –Files, images, music, videos, and even applications!
  • Extremely fast – Transfer your memories in high definition in the blink of an eye
  • You can share in groups of up to 4 devices.
  • Transfer between platforms and share seamlessly between iOS and Android.
  • Connect your phone to any PC, MAC, or Chromebook – Even other people anywhere.
  • Transfer everything! –Files, images, music, videos, and even applications!
  • There is no need to install things on your PC, MAC or Chromebook.
  • Supports direct connections using WiFi Zones – High speeds without the need for internet

How To Download And Install Xender

  • Download the setup file of Xender.
  • Download & Install Android Emulator run it.
  • Run Xender using the Android Emulator.
  • Enjoy.

Xender App Download for PC Requirements:

  • RAM must be 2/4GB.
  • Graphic Card.
  • C drive must have 5-6 GB.


With Xender you will be able to send Photos, Music, Audios, Videos, Contacts, Applications. And even Files, be it any presentation or large Office document without using cables, Bluetooth or NFC and the best: we can send us files between platforms, no matter what system you use, since to make the transfer create your WiFi hotspot.

Another advantage of this app is that you can create groups and send your files to up to 4 people at the same time, it also allows you to transfer data from your mobile to your PC or Mac.

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