IObit Smart Defrag Pro License Key + Cracked (Latest)

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IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack + Serial Key 100% Working

IObit Smart Defrag Pro License Key + Cracked (Latest)

Introduction to Smart Defrag Pro :

Smart Defrag pro key is the first-ever free Disk Defragmenter for Windows applications. Fragmented files on your hard drives are considered one of the reasons for the slow performance of your PC, long boot times, erratic reboot, and sometimes even disk failure. That is the reason why your favorite games take years to load, the application hangs regularly, and the general operation of your PC is slow. To combat this natural fragmentation process, Windows 10/8 includes a built-in disk defragmenter that does a pretty decent job.

Defragmentation is nothing more than the process of moving data belonging to individual files side by side so that they can be accessed and loaded faster. In its latest version, Smart Defrag does all this and now even offers to defragment all Windows Store applications.

History Of Defragmentation in Windows :

Windows Defragmenter is a program included in Microsoft Windows designed to increase disk access speed and, sometimes, increase the amount of usable space through defragmentation, that is, the reordering of files stored on a disk so that your Pieces occupy an adjacent area. Defragmentation programs have been part of disk optimization since 1975. Few, except Symantec and Microsoft, have distributed defragmentation programs separately from peak disk optimization methods.

Older MS-DOS systems, up to version 5.0 included, and Windows NT up to version 4.0 did not include defragmentation utilities.

The free inclusion of Defrag, licensed by Symantec, in MS-DOS version 6 reduced the use of alternative commercial products because they were an unnecessary additional expense for potential customers. The disk is spike or circular.

Smart Defragmentation Review  and Features :

IObit Smart Defrag is a free, lightweight, intelligent, and stable disk defragmenter. It provides users with efficient defragmentation and optimization of hard drives to improve disk stability and PC performance. With the confidence of more than 25 million users, the latest version of Defrag 3 comes with Windows Metro App.

An exclusive feature for Windows 8 and Windows 10 / 8.1 users, which focuses on the defragmentation of WindowsStore MetroApp, which is the first on the market to improve access speed to Windows 10/8 Windows Store Modern or Metro applications and disk stability for free.

The latest version offers the following features:

Accelerated Defragmentation Speed

Smart Defrag is available with a new disk defragmentation engine.

That accelerates defragmentation speed by 50% compared to previous versions. The defragmentation of the Windows 8 Metro App is designed for Windows 8 users to accelerate the pace of access to Windows 8 Metro applications. Therefore, with Smart Defrag, full compatibility with newer versions of Windows such as Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 / 10 is possible.

Improved efficiency and optimized disk performance

With Deep Analyze feature, detection and cleaning of junk files at lightning speed before defragmentation is not an issue. This feature not only saves defragmentation time but also adds life to the units. Smart Defrag 3 streamlines file systems, optimizing frequently used directories in the fastest area of ​​the disk, allowing programs to respond faster.

Always active feature

Smart Defrag has an effective Always On function and does not interrupt other processes. It works silently in the background, analyzing and keeping the fragment of your computer free.

Custom GUI interface

Smart Defrag allows users to adjust the size of their GUI interface by directly dragging the border to fit their screen best. Therefore, a user can organize the interface according to their taste.

Reduced memory usage

With the redesigned user interface that adopts PNG sequence technology, Smart Defrag uses less memory and system resources for defragmentation.

Start Time Defragmentation – Technology

Smart Defrag uses the new Boot Time Defrag technology, which allows you to defragment files during the system boot process. In contrast, these files cannot be defragmented or are not safe to move after the system has already started.

The main application window has a bright appearance with all volumes, Metro applications, and connected devices shown in a list.

You can see it’s status free/total size, file system type, automatic defragmentation, and defragmentation status during boot.

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Process of Defragmentation :

When you choose to defragment, there are four methods to determine which are listed below.

  1. Start
  2. Just defragment
  3. Defragment and Optimize quickly
  4. Defragment and optimize completely

Defragment and prioritize files: Keep in mind that this is the slowest but the most effective process. Through this method, you can prioritize the unit’s data to obtain maximum performance and lasting data continuity.

One of the best ways to start defragmentation is to first analyze the unit with the Analyze function.

As shown above, you can choose between Quick Analysis or Deep Analysis. Once analyzed, you can see the Recommendation and the Report.

To see the garbage available on the disk, click View details.

Under View details, you can see the Reeds on your disks and clean them by clicking on the Clean tab.

You will notice that automatic defragmentation is enabled for the system unit by default. But you can allow it to for any drive as long as it doesn’t link Metro applications, custom files, or folders.

The defragmentation of boot time is a unique function. Performs defragmentation on selected units at each boot to ensure faster performance. You can also configure it to defragment the page file, the hibernation file, and the master file table.

The last tab, Report, generates useful reports. Clicking on this tab creates HTML files that contain valuable details such as free and used space on the disk, the defragmentation requirement, the method applied, the directory list, the fragmentation rate, and the start and end time.

On the upper right corner in the main application window, you can find the General Settings tab. From here, you can pick from a variety of settings, including Defragmentation, Disk Cleanup, and User Interface.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro License Key + Cracked (Latest)

Smart Defrag Crack Serial Key 2023

Smart Defrag pro key is a powerful free defragmentation application. The new version takes up less memory space. And at the same time, it is loaded with additional features such as:

The original disk defragmentation engine, The new Metro Style user interface, improved records, and the intelligent file prioritization function. My personal opinion is that when you use this version, a considerable improvement in defragmentation efficiency is instantly noticeable — an essential application for all PC users.

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