Microsoft office 2019 Crack + Product Key Full [100 %Working]

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Microsoft office 2019 crack With Activation KEY Latest

Microsoft office 2019 Crack + Product Key Full [100 %Working]

Introduction to Office 2019 :

Microsoft refers to Microsoft Office 2019 Crack as a local version of Office, so that users who don’t want to have to pay the monthly Office 365 fee have some of their functions. Therefore, Office 2019 will not incorporate news regarding Office 365, but will only adopt some of the features that are useable offline.

What’s new in Office 2019 :

Below you have the complete list of news of each application:

  • Dark theme: Microsoft joins the trend of offering a dark version of the interface.
  • Learning tools: Use audio captures and descriptions to teach how to use some of the application’s functions.
  • Text-to-speech: You can dictate Word with your microphone, and the app will transcribe what you say.
  • Improvements in the pencils of the drawing mode: If you have a touch screen, now you have more options when drawing.
  • Focus mode: A new way to display text to read without interruption
  • Accessibility Improvements

What’s new in Excel 2019 :

  • 2D Maps: Now, you can create charts with maps in your documents.
  • Funnel Graphics: An exciting way to visualize the graphics
  • Timelines: Another right way to visualize data when you are working with chronologies.
  • PowerPivot and PowerQuery improvements
  • Compatibility with Power Bi: The commercial analysis service provided by Microsoft
  • New data analysis functions, more graphics, and functions, including CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, and SWITCH.

What’s new in Outlook 2019

  • Improved contact cards: New design when viewing your contacts
  • Office 365 Groups: If your classmates work in these 365 version groups, you will not be left out.
  • Mentions: You can also mention others as in the messaging applications
  • Focused Inbox: Division of emails into tabs based on priority
  • Function to send your emails later
  • Cards with travel information and package deliveries in real-time within each email

What’s new in PowerPoint 2019

  • Zoom capabilities to sort slides in presentations
  • Morpho transition: Allows you to animate a smooth movement from one slide to the next.
  • Possibility to insert and manage icons, SVG images, and 3D models
  • Improvements in pen compatibility: I’m sure those who use touch screens appreciate it
  • Smart Security Enhancements
  • PowerPoint, Excel, ATP in Word, and OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 message encryption
  • Office Enterprise Protection
  • Add sensitivity tags in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Microsoft Office 2019 Crack Release date & System Requirements :

Office 2019 Full Crack has release date is September 24, 2018, and from that day on, it has begun to be given access to selected clients with commercial licenses. As for the rest of the users, Office 2019 will start arriving in the following weeks, although Microsoft has not specified the exact dates.

Office 2019 is only compatible with Windows 10 (it was not useable in previous versions of Windows) and with the last three versions of macOS (10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, and 10.12 Sierra). The support period will be five years of global support and another two extended support.

Use of Microsoft Office 2019:

Log in with your Microsoft account or with your professional or educational Account.

To get the best experience, log in with your Microsoft account, the professional or educational Account you use with Office.

Microsoft account :

This Account is the email address you use to sign in to Microsoft services such as or even Xbox Live. Mentioned Account is known as your Microsoft account, but it doesn’t have to be a Microsoft email address; it is any email address you want to use (log in the same way as in many other services on the Web, such as Facebook or Twitter).

Professional or educational Account

This Account assigned to you by someone in your organization and is what you use to log in and access Office 365 Services in your organization.

After logging in, store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and notebooks created in the Office for Web programs of the OneDrive library. You can share your Office files through a link and work with others in real-time. This feature allows you to work together at the same time and see the changes of others immediately.

Work online

  • Think of the homepage as your home screen for online productivity.
  • You can easily switch between services by selecting the application launcher icon in Office 365 from clicking on an application icon on the upper left corner of the page to:
  • Create and share Office documents (Word for the Web, Excel for the Web, PowerPoint for the Web or OneNote for the Web)
  • Store, open, and share files online (OneDrive)
  • Send and receive emails (
  • Keep an online calendar (Calendar)
  • Manage the contact list (Contacts)

Improvements added in Office 2019 :

  • You will find many free templates, so you won’t have to start from scratch every time you create a prospectus, calendar, budget, bill, school project, photo album, or many other types of documents.
  • Office for the Web runs in the Internet browser.
  • And then you don’t have to download or install. Still, if you have an Office desktop license, you can also open and continue working on online documents saved on your OneDrive with Office applications installed on your computer. For more information, see OneDrive video learning.
  • Use Office for the Web with Office desktop applications
  • Office for the Web is ideal for working online and from anywhere, but you can also move smoothly to full desktop applications without having to leave the document. See the quick-start guides to design and edit articles or do your work on the Web for more information on how to move between web applications and desktop applications.
  • Excel Quick Start for Web
  • Quick Start PowerPoint for Web
  • Fast start of Word for the Web
  • Office family resources remain available.
  • Product Information
  • Office templates
  • Help with Office

Microsoft office 2019 Crack + Product Key Full [100 %Working]

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