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CleanMyPC Crack + Activation Code Free Download (2022)

CleanMyPC Overview :

CleanMYPC crack is an all-in-one solution for windows maintenance and cleaning. MacPaw Inc. creates it. This program is capable of optimizing a computer by cleaning junk files and granting more convenient access to manual cleaning of objects that are causing a computer to run slow. The program also has several related features that are a must if it is about competing with other software companies to optimize notorious out there.

Let’s accept it, even though Microsoft has optimized Windows 10, and the system continues to carry the same problem as all its previous versions: as time goes by, it gets filled with trash and broken records. Those of Redmond have undoubtedly tried to include excellent tools for maintenance, but these do not offer as much as a dedicated tool does. It is here, where tools like CleanMyPC make a lot of sense.

CleanMyPC Crack offers a set of tools for both the maintenance and cleaning in particular of the Windows operating system. Let’s see some of these tools.

CleanMyPC an all-in-one for the maintenance of your computer

If you are a Windows user, then you will know that as we are saving files and installing programs, our network may become slower. Many things can influence the performance of our equipment, junk or unnecessary files stored on the disk, applications that start at the start of Windows, changes in the registry, etc. Microsoft incorporates some tools to help us carry out maintenance tasks, while on other occasions, we can use the applications of teachers. Next, we will show software that offers us an all-in-one for computer maintenance.

In this way, we will not have to walk using a tool for everything. That is, one to delete unnecessary or temporary files, another to control changes in the registry, another to uninstall applications, control the programs that start with the start of Windows, or privacy control, system options, browser extensions, etc.

System cleaning with CleanMyPC

One of the peculiarities of tools such as CleanMyPC is that they offer a deep scan of junk files in our operating system. CleanMyPC stands out because it presents the information to be deleted in a very clean and sober format that will prevent the user from getting complicated with menus and explanations that many times do not end up understanding.

The above does not mean, of course, that there is no possibility of knowing a little more about the files that we are going to delete. Just click on Show Details to see the content, origin, and weight of what is to be removed by CleanMyPC.

The First Option

The first option is My Computer, a module from which we will be able to scan our PC for unnecessary files that do nothing but take up space on our disk and that we can erase from there. The second option is that of registry maintenance, which allows you to scan the system registry for obsolete entries of programs that we have already uninstalled and that we can remove.

Registry Maintenance

While it is not essential to clean the registry, since there is no evidence that this improves system performance, doing so can, in many cases, solve problems with assigning extensions, missing dlls, and shortcuts. The tool included in CleanMyPC for this purpose is just as useful as a tool for cleaning junk files.


Following the order, the next option that this tool offers us for the maintenance of the computer is HibernationHibernation, which, as its name indicates, allows Hibernation to be working on our PC. However, it is a task that is not typical of maintenance. Extensions are the option that will enable us to check the extensions that we have installed in each browser, and we can even eliminate those that we do not want or do not use efficiently.

Multiple Uninstaller

Another handy tool for computer maintenance is to be able to uninstall several programs at the same time. Remember that Windows only allows you to uninstall the programs one by one; therefore, if we want to get rid of several programs on our computer, we can use the Multiple Uninstaller option of CleanMyPC.

I am a faithful user of the wizards to uninstall. The reason is simple when you use only the uninstaller of a program, and it leaves many unnecessary files that eventually accumulate or, in many cases, interfere with future installations.

The CleanMyPC wizard allows, in addition to cleaning the residual files, to uninstall programs in batches. Another handy feature is that it will mark with Windows icon programs that have been install through the Windows Store.

Last but not least, a search engine integration viewable in the lower right corner, which allows you to locate the program you want to uninstall easily.

Auto Start

Windows indeed allows us to select the programs that start at startup, but the CleanMyPC tool shows the complete list. This function is undoubtedly useful to improve performance and, above all, accelerate startup.

How to get CleanMyPC :

CleanMyPC can be obtained for free, but with limitations. Among them is not being able to clean more than 500MB of files, not accessing the registry cleaner of the system, and not being able to clean the residues of the applications that are uninstalled. Even so, the free version gives us a clear idea of ​​the power of CleanMyPC tools.

The license for the PRO version has a cost of $ 39.95, although they also offer discounts if you want to purchase more than one license, or you wish to buy an additional license for the macOS version. You can buy your license for CleanMyPC by following this link.


CleanMyPC Crack is a software-oriented towards the average PC home user, but this should not be confused with the program’s capabilities since they are nothing like ordinary. It is swift, stable, not crashing once during our tests, and does not take up much system space. The program can work well even on older and less powerful computers that run slow. We believe it is a powerful program and an option to consider if your computer is running slow.

CleanMyPC Crack With Activation Code For Lifetime

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